Video: Economic War: White Labour Vs Jewish Capital


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Hitler BANNED chains of stores & he supported small business in a BIG WAY! The same problems we have in 2016 are the same ones the Germans had 88 years ago. The war is between White Labour and Jewish Money/Capital. In 1928 Dr Goebbels said that Germans only buy from Jews. He chided the Germans for buying from and supporting the glitzy Jewish Department stores. I discuss the economic problems of whites and why it is that the Jews managed to get control of our economic systems. I discuss the history of whites in Africa where we dealt with low-skilled blacks & why Colonialism was a massive economic success. Colonialism was the only time in Africa’s history (except for Roman times) that Africa was a net exporter of food. Hitler revered farmers and did not allow big business to take over their farms. I discuss the critical importance of farming to white civilisation historically and why white farmers in South Africa are targeted for murder. I explain how BIG CAPITAL and Blacks teamed up in 1994 in South Africa and how it flopped & why unemployment in Africa is at unbelievable levels. I give my views on why PEOPLE are the most important asset any nation has and I contrast the Japanese versus the Blacks.

3 thoughts on “Video: Economic War: White Labour Vs Jewish Capital

  • 27th June 2018 at 10:01 am

    At minute 22:20 you question the “Love your enemy” instructions and fall into the same trap as the rest of the Bible Haters by “taking a quick look” at it. Let me tell you there is no taking a quick look at the Bible for a definitive answer. The book has to be taken as a whole to understand what it says in any one place.

    I’ll spare you the apologetics but let me ask you – is there any other religion, ancient book or god that fingers the Jews? If the Bible didn’t exist would this have slowed down the Jewish takeover of Western Civilization?

    It’s only in the last 100 that Jews were shown any love by Christianity, despite their lying claim to being The Chosen People. Like everything else the Jews infiltrated Christianity and took it over, renaming it Judeo-Christianity to reflect their ownership and establishing a new paradigm of Christian and Jewish relations. BTW Jews are NOT Israelites and Jesus was NOT a Jew, it’s only by infiltration that the scribes were able to inveigle this word into the Book.

    The Bible was written by, to, for and about the Israelite people – these are the White Caucasian European people. When it speaks of enemies it is speaking specifically of our familial enemies, not foreign enemies! Here is the wisdom of it – Jesus knew the Jews would turn brother against brother. In the throws of calamity the Jews have brought upon us, wouldn’t it have been wise for us to love our familial enemies and pray for those of our family who despitefully use us? It certainly would have spared us all these brothers wars, would it not?

    Christ overemphasized His points knowing we would fall short of the mark, but if we got somewhere close we’d be better off then where we are today..

  • 30th January 2018 at 3:08 am

    If it was true that we were supposed to love our enemies Jesus would not have whipped the money changers and God would not have said “Esau I hated”

  • 30th January 2018 at 3:06 am

    According to Christian Identity teachings the “Love your enemies” verse applies to brother Israelites, not any other enemy.
    Chrisitian Identity teaches the White Caucasian European peoples are the original 12 tribes of Israel…If we practiced this we would not have killed so many of our own people!


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