9 Pics: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: Blood maddened Jews slaughtered 66 million Christians – but you weren’t told about it!


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[Here are some fascinating quotes from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who, decades ago was loved in the West for writing exposes on the cruelty of Soviet Communism. But then, when he began writing about what the Jews got up to in Russia, suddenly no publisher in the Western world will DARE translate his book into English in any white nation. Here are some quotes from him. No Hollywood blockbusters about the slaughter of white Christians in Russia during the Jewish Communist revolution you know as the Bolshevik Revolution. For the record, this is why Hitler, Mussolini and other whites in Europe were so angry when they realised what was going on in Russia! THE NAZIS WERE RIGHT!

You won’t hear anything about this holocaust. But it took place. An expert on it is Mike Walsh! He’s written about it.

It seems to me that holodomor these days speaks only of 5-7 million people killed whereas Solzhenitsyn speaks of 66 million people killed. It seems to me the best documentation is on the 7 million killed in the Ukraine, but the other 66 million – we need to get Solzhenitsyn’s info on this. We need to see what’s in his book 200 years together.

Does anyone have a RUSSIAN COPY of Solzhenitsyn’s BANNED book: 200 years together? I’m looking for one. I know there are only partial English translations. So I’m looking for a full copy of the Russian book. I have someone who can read Russian. Jan]

Victim of the Ukrainian famine/genocide dead from starvation on the streets of Kharkiv 1933

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