How President Zuma planned to capture South Africa


I’m putting this online because this very strange, long, 19 page article is doing the rounds.

My views on it are the following:-
1. This was written by a white person who is very familiar with English.

2. It may have multiple authors.

3. It is suspicious that the authors hide who they really are.

4. This article has over 120 references to mass media articles in South Africa.

5. It is in line with the Liberal hatred for Zuma. I regard it as a propaganda piece that is meant to operate in support of the DA in their attempt to unseat Zuma.

6. Are they really out to unseat ZUMA or out to unseat THE ANC AS A WHOLE? (I believe BOTH!)

7. This is definitely PROPAGANDA, because in it are references to weird hypothetical conclusions. It refers to all sorts of things which may/did/might-have/maybe-will happen. Its INTENDED to portray Zuma in as negative a light as possible. I would regard this as DA propaganda while having “plausible deniability” because there is no overt link to the DA.

8. The crux issue herein lies with the Russians being allowed into South Africa and especially the tender for nuclear power. (But keep in mind that the ANC, African National Congress) always was a communist owned/controlled organisation and the whites warned of this beforehand. Now you’re seeing Zuma leaning toward Russia and China. Thus all the complaints and whining about his governing of South Africa is minor compared to what we are viewing here: A big clash between the West and its super-rich versus Zuma and the ANC communists.

9. This situation is almost 100% identical to that of Robert Mugabe versus the white farmers who were funding the MDC. The issue was not land. The real issue was that the white farmers were very wealthy and had played a MASSIVE role in creating the MDC. The DA in South Africa versus the ANC is exactly the same battle, same role players EXCEPT that the MDC had only local Zimbabwean money support (white farmers there) whereas the DA has INTERNATIONAL MONEY SUPPORT AND MEDIA SUPPORT TOO!!!

I will discuss these issues in one or more videos as is necessary.


3 thoughts on “How President Zuma planned to capture South Africa

  • 9th August 2017 at 3:39 am

    Jan – You need to examine the idea that nukes are, and always were,a Jewish fraud. If this is new to you, consider most people’s reaction to the Holohoax and 9/11 frauds. has a lot, but not huge amount, of material, put together from 2011-2012.

  • 27th July 2017 at 11:15 pm

    Hi Jan,
    I perused the article and found some lines that were not consistent with the Boer way of thinking. One of them was ” the protection of our constitution and al the human rights value we fought for so hard”. I f the wording is not exactly correct, it’s close enough. The idea that we are a constitutional republic is repugnant to me and, I would guess, to a hell of lot of other people as well.
    The constitution is a sick joke and only applies to those who are pro-black.
    What goddam freedoms that who fought so hard for? The flaming liberals. I agree with you. This document is a liberal Jewish hit piece because us Boers can be little concerned about the infernal goings on between the DA and the ANC. What were looking at here is a direct propaganda piece to further the set out agenda of the Jews, like Hofmeyr and the Lithuanian Jewish cabal in the Cape, all the wine farm and property owners, sitting on their heaps of money, who have the most to lose. That’s why this piece is screaming so loud about voting procedures, Guptas and Chinese and Russian corporate takeovers.
    As far as I’m concerned, they’re all my enemies.
    I’ll bet my bottom dollar that some accommodation will be worked out that’s amicable to all parties concerned so that the goddam Jews can hold onto their assets and cash and they can all keep on merrily away at milking the country and its people for all they’re worth. If they don’t, you can be sure that the Jews will bring the big guns to bear – the Rothschild and Morgan Chase economic hit teams and then you’ll see the shit fly. The Guptas and the Chinese won’t stand a chance. When they take Zuma down, I’ll bet you see the Guptas all running for cover.
    As for the Russians, I don’t think they’ll be a problem for the Rothchilds. They already have so many assets in Russia, I’m sure they can come to some agreement like they did with the Clintons in the States considering the Russians greed for high grade uranium.

    • 31st July 2017 at 12:52 am

      I agree this was a Jewish hit piece on Zuma.


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