Jews Lie about Lying – and Everything Else

[Here’s an excellent article on VNN Forum. Read it carefully. All of us were taught that Hitler and Goebbels taught others how to lie. But that’s not so.

On Gab Alex said that: If you lie about lying then you’ve reached full Jewhood. I can’t improve on that. This is true. White people around the world need to realise that while Jews lie about EVERYTHING … you’ll also find many others have lied to whites too. Its not us whites who are evil and degenerate. Its just that most whites have not realised how many have lied to us. But Jews lie about everything … from ancient times to modern times. Their lives are PROVABLE. You can scientifically show that they’re liars. Its a FACT not an opinion.

This article on VNN is well worth reading. Enjoy. Jan]

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