5 Photos: WARNING: Jews really do kill children & babies & dismember them

[With reference to the story I posted about the Rabbi who says its OK to kill children and babies, I would like to show you that the Jews really do the hideous things that they are talking about. You won’t find anyone else doing this. You won’t find this in Apartheid South Africa nor in Hitler’s Germany. But you will find it in Israel. I should add that such bestiality as this also took place when the Jews created the USSR – the Holodomor that you NEVER hear of, where 60 million white Christians were murdered. Mike Walsh is the expert on that topic. Here’s the article I published: Jewish Rabbi says its OK to KILL Non-Jewish Children & Babies!! – Now below are some photos of just a little bit of what those “allies” the Israelis have been up to. Notice also the photo of the Jewish soldier pointing a gun at a helpless little boy. Hmmmm. So that’s the Jews’ idea of a threat hey? I still say as I’ve done before that Jews are the ultimate cowards. But when they get a chance … boy are they disgusting. And don’t forget to look into the holodomor or the deliberate starving to death of millions of Ukrainian farmers by the Jewish communists. Don’t forget to look into the Jew Kaganovich, “The Wolf of the Kremlin” – he personally oversaw the murder of 20 million people in the USSR – that’s almost half of the number of people who died during WW2! Just chew the cud on that one! Some photos from Israel. Jan]

2 thoughts on “5 Photos: WARNING: Jews really do kill children & babies & dismember them

  • 9th October 2017 at 8:35 pm

    Disgusting creatures. There are video’s showing jew snipers on a rooftop shooting young children and laughing about it.
    To think they have the nerve to call the Palestinians savages when it’s clear to the world whom the cowardly savages really are.
    Israel is doomed, they are now considering Chinese and Blacks as jews trying to get them to move to israel to combat their inevitable demise through the Palestinians out breeding them. Once their numbers reach critical mass the jews will have to dump democracy as they will be voted out of office because they don’t have the numbers. Whatever system they choose it will not be acceptable to the world at large and israel will be no more, hooray!

    • 10th October 2017 at 1:09 am

      Mal, that is not the information I have been getting at all regards the numbers game nor their desire for Blacks or Chinese Jews to enter – if you can provide your source of this info I would be keen to check it out. However, they are too cunning to allow that to happen…..wishful thinking?


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