White is a bad name. We are all EUROPEANS – About Boers & Americans – Creating a White Canada in southern Africa


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[I was talking to someone about calling out the Jews. Then while I was at it, I mentioned to Jim Rizoli and others, that the term WHITE for our race is misleading. We should rather call all of us: EUROPEANS. Jan]

BTW XXX, notice all those other words … now its kleptocracy, kakistocracy, crime syndicate … oh man… this just opens all kinds of hidden doorways for Jews to jump out of the trap. Then you’ll be debating later WHO IS THE KLEPTOCRACY and then people will say, but that’s not Jews and which Jews are in it… and there we go … going in circles.

This is why I don’t like ISMs either. Isms are what Jews have used for centuries to set one white against another … whether it is ProtestantISM or LiberalISM… endless nonsense.

This is why Hitler was a genius. He not only fervently believed, but boiled it down to RACE. George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi party said: We can’t unite as Christians or Liberals, etc, etc but we can unite as WHITE PEOPLE!

And even if you don’t like or don’t believe in race, remember, race means we are physically related by blood. Jim Rizoli and I are distantly related … that is how it works. All “Whites” come from EUROPE. In fact, this may have been so in the USA, I don’t know. But here in Africa when I was a kid, we did not use the term White. In southern Africa, in Rhodesia, South Africa, etc; when we filled in Govt forms, they used the “racial terms” “African” and “European”. (This is complicated by whites who stayed here for long who wanted to be known as “African” because they did NOT want to be called colonisers). But when I was a kid, in a British dominated Empire colony, we had RACE as: African and European (Even though most were British).

So I see WHITE as meaning EUROPEAN, and in fact I think European is a better term actually. Once you use that term, then there’s no more mistaking. Boers for example are: 40% Dutch, 40% German and 20% French. We are European. You can see it in their faces … true northern European features.

I think the term European for our race would solve many problems and put many things straight among us.

Because you are EUROPEANS who live in North America. Why? Because you CONQUERED and KILLED and DOMINATED that territory. And it was an EXCELLENT FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT!

And if we in Africa were any good, we should be emulating YOU!

But if you split between American and European then you get to the point where Americans and Europeans kill each other.

We must be EUROPEAN. We all are.

Incidentally, I read that scientists have proved that everybody living in Europe now, are related to a single group of people who lived in what is now Belgium, 35,000 years ago. Every white on the planet is therefore physically related to that group.

For the record, you Christians may feel guilty about being called conquerors. But if the Romans and the Greeks were alive and had to see what their off-spring had done, then America would definitely have stunned them and they would have heaped endless praise on Americans and Canadians as the greatest of their off-spring. They revered CONQUERORS. And you would be seen as the greatest.

Indeed, you Americans should be PROUD OF YOUR RACISM. You did great.

My goal, my dearest dream, is to kill the blacks in Africa and seize a huge piece of southern Africa. It is stinking rich. In fact, just today I was sending a message like that around. Telling whites that my dream is to slaughter every black in sight and to seize several black countries in southern Africa. Kill every black … bring in whites. Recently, I was marvelling at our infrastructure here in South Africa. 20 million whites could EASILY fit in here right now. We don’t need to build anything. Everything exists. Just kill the 50 million blacks and bring in 20 million whites, to add to the 4 million here, and we’ll have a country as rich as Canada overnight. EASY PEASY.

All I have to figure out is how to kill 100 million blacks and I’m home free. 🙂

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