VERY IMPORTANT: The Weird Jewish Month of September … creepy Jewish moves… e.g. Saudi attack?

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This is a quick note. Earlier this month already, my Boer NAZI pal was saying to me: What have the Jews got planned for SEPTEMBER? I keep forgetting to post on my website that SEPTEMBER is a very creepy Jewish month.

My Boer NAZI pal, the university lecturer, has been raising the issue of September with me for years. And I keep forgetting to mention it on my websites or in my videos or chats.

In a nutshell, my pal tells me that if you study the number of really big events that happen in SEPTEMBER, you will be shocked. It is out of all proportion to this being merely one month out of 12 in history.

It’s not just 911, or this Saudi attack. WW2 started in September … and he says if you look, you’ll see that September is a weird month, going back centuries.

I wrote this recently to some friends of mine about September:
My Boer NAZI pal, has also told me time and again about the weird Jewish month of September. He’s told me this for years now, and even this year, he was raising the question with me … what do the Jews have planned for September. Many of the most important events HAPPEN IN SEPTEMBER … and this time I think is also the Jewish New Year. But remember their dates change because they are a (fake) “moon people”. So the moon drives their calendar. Its not just 911 that started in September … WW2 started in September. My Boer NAZI pal told me you’ll be shocked how many important things happen in this weird Jewish month of September…

This is also the time of the Jewish New Year…

With regard to Jews messing with markets I also want to mention a few other things:-

I actually did a video long ago, wherein I quoted Hitler actually. Hitler mentioned how Jews destroyed the art market. They create rubbish art, which they sell at inflated prices, while driving down the prices of good art. They accumulate good art at rock bottom prices. There’s much more on this. Not only hitler noticed this. There’s an American who wrote a fascinating article about how Jews might be doing incredible money laundering using junk modern art. example. Why would someone go and buy a piece of shit “modern” art, and pay say $20 million for it? (R300 million?). Well, one art guy came to the conclusion, that Jews might be using art as a way of making huge pay offs, etc. We’re heading into big topics. But Hitler himself, described their modus operandi as “forgers tactics” – basically where they group together, smash something down, or group together and push something up artificially. I, myself, noted with fascinating that the entire western world in the 1980s and 1990s was DUMPING ALL ITS GOLD – on a VAST SCALE. Every western nation was DUMPING GOLD CHEAP for about 20 years non-stop … saying Gold had no value to the economy … but who was buying up enormous quantities of gold for so long at rock bottom prices? They said gold would never have value again … and now? Gold is back… When you are dealing with the actions of Jews you are dealing with something the likes of which you cannot imagine the SCALE.

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