Jews playing weird game with astronomy & space science…

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[I've been noticing for a quite a while, Jews seeming to insert themselves with weird space/alien ideas even though they are scientists themselves. I've seen this now a few times where Jews even try to write papers and put out some enormous BS story about aliens when in fact all other scientists discount it. I think Jews are playing some kind of “alien invasion” mind game and testing to see if they can hook into this and fool/scare the masses. Look at this strange thing from a top “scientist” and look at his Jew name. Keep watching for Jewish-scare-stories-from-space-aliens.

This had to do with the first object from interstellar space that reached our solar system and was detected by our instruments. And look at how far this Jew is going with his Jew story … saying it might be a broken down space ship. I've seen Jews trying other stories messing with science but I did not publish it. However I urge people to watch these Jews and their nonsense with science.  Jan]


Cigar asteroid ‘Oumuamua ‘could be DEAD space civilisation’s alien probe’, Harvard space chief admits

The mysterious asteroid may have been sent to spy on Earth

  • 16 Jan 2019, 11:07
  • Updated: 1 Jul 2019, 12:53

A MYSTERIOUS cigar-shaped space rock that shot suspiciously close to Earth could be an alien spacecraft that broke down on its interstellar journey.

That’s according to one prominent space boffin, who says the probe may have been sent by extraterrestrial beings to spy on our planet.

Radio scans of Ouamuamua, a strange object that flew through the solar system in 2017, seemed to show it was not sending out any alien signals.

But according to Harvard space expert Professor Avi Loeb, that doesn’t rule out that it’s an alien probe – which is what many boffins claimed at the time.

The fact that there were no radio signals from the object could simply mean it had broken down, Professor Loeb told Israel’s Haaretz news.

He said: “We have no way of knowing whether it’s active technology, or a spaceship that is no longer operative and is continuing to float in space.”

What is Oumuamua?

Here’s everything you need to know…

  • Oumuamua is a cigar-shaped asteroid that sped past Earth in 2017
  • Some boffins think the space rock was an alien probe sent by a distant civilisation
  • It was spotted by scientists in Hawaii, and its name means ‘scout’ in Hawaiian
  • Researchers involved in SETI- the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence – used a powerful dish to scan Oumuamua
  • They found no signs of radio signals, suggesting it wasn’t an alien spaceship after all
  • It’s now moving away from Earth so fast that we’re unlikely to ever find out

Professor Loeb thinks humanity will find signs of intelligent lifeforms throughout the universe once as we leave the solar system.

He said: “As soon as we leave the Solar System, I believe we will see a great deal of traffic out there.

“Possibly we’ll get a message that says, ‘Welcome to the interstellar club.’ Or we’ll discover multiple dead civilisations – that is, we’ll find their remains.”

Ouamuamua is an object from another star system spotted by scientists at the University of Hawaii using a huge space telescope.

Green Bank radio telescope tracked Oumuamua's progress for signs of alien life

Many experts suggested the 200,000mph object could be an alien probe sent into deep space by a distant civilisation.

It was thoroughly scanned for signs of radio signals by experts at the alien-hunting SETI project, which was then led by Professor Stephen Hawking.

But while no signals were found, the object still had signs it was sent into the solar system by intelligent beings, Professor Loeb said.

For instance, its unusual cigar-like shape is extremely unusual for an asteroid, and it lacked the classic tail of a comet.

It’s now moving away from Earth so fast that we’re unlikely to ever find out what Ouamuamua was.

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