Dylann Roof’s Diary: I would love for there to be a race war… – Dylann I agree!

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[Some interesting stuff about Dylann, including his actual confession to the Police about how he killed them. Well Dylann, you’re not the only one dreaming of a race war. Its something I dream about myself. Every white male on the planet should think of nothing but war and how to kill and harm our enemies. They plan and work towards the destruction of their enemies. That’s what white men must do. That’s how you protect your society, your women, your children … your nation, your civilisation! WTF do you think armies exist for? For tea parties? Jan]


'I would love for there to be a race war': Chilling extracts from the killer's journal have been revealed

You can read the rest and see the video here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4019764/Dylann-Roofs-confession-journal-racist-beliefs.html

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