HELP!!! Canadian supporter writes: 500,000 Jews destroyed Germany – THEY WILL DEFINITELY DESTROY WHITE CANADA!!

A Canadian supporter wrote in October 2018:
In the ailing Dominion of Canada, we have an official record of 500K jews in our nation. This is probably a low-ball figure. As many was enough to ruin Germany, in its day with a total population twice or three times that of our current Dominion in its full multicultural (mongrel racial) state.

We have a new party showing, the “People’s Party” perhaps not dissimilar in intention to the successful People’s Party in Austria. Intuitively, it seems like it has a sound chance. Maxime Bernier is quite skilled at sticking the lolbertarian boot in. Also, he has great taste in women.

While this goofy bio-scion of Castro and (((Sinclair))) plays vanity games with an entire nation build — really a Cuckoo bird if there ever was one. Prince Harry (chaufferson) might be a close second.

[My supporter commented: Maxime Bernier … and great taste in women. (See the above photo – and I agree with you). For starters, you’re not seeing a FAGGOT … you’re seeing a white male who has sex with women … which is a GREAT STARTING POINT. I urge you to keep an eye open for all the faggots everywhere. If you watch carefully, you’ll see faggots (not just white faggots, but black faggots and East Indian faggots moving up the ranks – you’ll even see these faggots operating openly on Youtube. Lots of fags running channels on Youtube. There’s no space for honest-to-goodness white males who think like men and speak like men. You must either be a Jew-shill or you must be some mentally screwed up pervert who has no masculinity in him, and then you’re ok. Hence the rise of faggots, and I have seen how EXTREMELY RICH THESE FAGGOTS GET. So yes, its nice to see a healthy white heterosexual male who likes sex with WOMEN instead of sex with BOYS or sex with other men. A good starting point. I think Paul Fromm has even met this guy recently. So: GOOD LUCK WHITE CANADA ON THAT ONE … GO FOR IT!!!

Re: Jewish ratio.
That’s a very good point you make about 500,000 Jews … yes that’s enough to flatten most white western nations. Indeed, as you say, there were 550,000 Jews in Germany, and they brought civil war to Germany, brought endless communist revolution and even terrorism and assassination to Germany. So if 550,000 rich Jewish scum can TEAR APART pre-Hitler Germany (70 million Germans)… imagine what 500,000+ Jews can do to Canada’s mere 30 million whites? Damned right. I agree … BIG TROUBLE … BIG BIG SHIT is coming your way White Canadians. Yes, it could even be TERMINAL … parasite overload as Alfred Schaefer might say from his German jail. He himself thought Canada was TOTALLY SCREWED.

But I’ve had the great honour of meeting White Canadians with their heads screwed on straight and I liked them a lot. I think they’re awesome. A small band, but white to the core … I think they’re fantastic. They’re almost in as hopeless a situation as the whites of South Africa (though they would say we’re in the worse situation). But there IS LIFE in Canada, and among the few whose faces and names one associates with TRUTH and HONOUR in Canada are the likes of: Paul Fromm, Monika Schaefer, Brian Ruhe … and don’t forget the young Princess of them all… EVALION!!! Don’t forget Ernst Zundel… the man who started it all! NEVER FORGET ONE OF THE GREATEST HEROES AND MEN OF PRINCIPLE AND HONOUR THAT WALKED IN CANADA: DOUG CHRISTIE!!! What a man! So Canadians might be overwhelmed by Jewish lies, and a white-hating (faggot?) communist Prime Minister, etc … but inside Canada are good, solid white people. Their minds just need to be opened. I do think white Canadians can survive even in a worst case scenario. I also took a great liking to French Canadians when I was in Canada. I would like to see the English, German and French Canadians hitting back. There are good strong whites there. Don’t write Canada off … quite yet. Its a big country and the whites are very well settled there. There are whites living far out in rural areas … tough whites… Canada is not finished yet. White Canadians could fight for CENTURIES in the vast super-cold expanses of Canada … killing any non-white scum who dare to move out of the cities…

But, definitely, the Jew-to-white ratio in Canada, is definitely more than terminal in most cases. But Canadians can pull through.

We 5 million whites in SA had a shocking 180,000 Jews. That is surely terminal. But I think we still have a chance for sure, if we knuckle down.

The Daily Stormer incorrectly printed that we had 120,000 Jews. That’s wrong. At our peak it was 180,000. And yes, the GREAT NEWS IS THAT WE’RE DOWN TO 70,000 AND FALLING! So yeah, JEWS ARE GETTING THE F*CK OUT OF SOUTH AFRICA … I KNEW SOME OF THEM… AND NONE OF THEM WILL BE MISSED!!! (They are right that the Jews are leaving the country, and their figures are the figures the Jews give – one of the problems is that we rely on Jewish numbers – which themselves are dodgy depending on the current lie that the Jews are busy telling). One should have a national census of JEWS ourselves – everywhere. Count them.

I think one day, Whites will make it “HOT” for Jews across the Western world. Jews will run when the shekels dry up, and when the chaos, revolution and racial hatred that they’ve spawned in Canada starts impacting their businesses. Then they’ll leave Canada and maybe go to China where they’ll tell the people: Those white Canadians were pieces of shit… (Just like they said about: The Spanish, the Germans, the Boers & white South Africans!). Normal Jewish backstab.

Whites are not finished yet … nowhere … the fight has barely begun. Jan]

One thought on “HELP!!! Canadian supporter writes: 500,000 Jews destroyed Germany – THEY WILL DEFINITELY DESTROY WHITE CANADA!!

  • 4th September 2019 at 7:13 pm

    Thank you for your encouraging words regarding Canada. I do believe that we Canadians will survive this jewish crisis as there is a silent majority, who may not be up on the JQ, but nevertheless recognize the dangers of their agenda.
    By the way, I attach a shocking video from Paul Fromm showing the inability of Mexican police to deal with blacks…truly astonishing.


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