Audio: FBI Informers: Chris Cantwell & why Radio Wehrwolf & the BowlCast was taken down


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This is a very important interview.

While I was in the USA I got in touch with a staunch supporter in the past, Dion Wehrwolf who created the Radio Wehrwolf channel. This is an interview Dion and I did on 3rd May 2019.

At first I promised Dion I would release this immediately, however, other things came up, which caused me to change my mind. It is due to my own decisions at the time that I am only now putting it up.

In here Dion discusses guys who were big supporters of Dylann Roof, whom Alex Linder and I also support to the hilt. These Bowl cast guys were being blocked everywhere, and Dion was giving them a place to have their free speech.

So here is an inside story from Charlottesville and Chris Cantwell. You will hear what Dion has to say.

Dion and I also discuss some history, and he explains why the Jews fled to California to create Hollywood there … because of Thomas Edison! This is a fascinating piece of history I have never heard before.

I had a short appearance only once on Cantwell’s show in this very important interview where, for the first and only time, I cornered the Suidlanders professional spokesman, Simon Roche. He later avoided an interview request from Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, who wanted both of us on his show to state our cases. I have the email proofs of how Roche avoided this. But in the Cantwell show, link, below, we cornered Roche and he admitted many things which are quite shocking: Video: Jan Lamprecht confronts Simon Roche of the Suidlanders on the Cantwell Show:

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