#TeamWhite 2019 #2: Creating a White Liberation Army – German hero kills treasonous politician!


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Expropriation Bill: The Government can seize your property without paying you for it
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There’s a NEW GERMAN HERO! Yes, a German, blew away an anti-German, anti-Germany, anti-white Politician! It shows, just as we believed, that German heroes do still exist.

I discuss new info from Zimbabwe about them only providing 12 hours of electricity per day as well as a long-winded, totally worthless set of actions aimed as getting money back to white farmers in Zimbabwe. We discuss South Africa.

We discuss President Donald Trump, who seems to do his best work while he is on Twitter. In all other respects he’s proven to be worthless and a big disappointment. I explain why Trump is proof that war/revolution is THE ONLY WAY LEFT!

I discuss SAA – South African Airways going bankrupt YET AGAIN!

Alex talks about Face Book’s new “cryptocurrency”…

We also discuss the need for a Global White Liberation Army. I discuss Tom Metzger’s Lone Wolf and Ghost Wolf ideas. I think they’ve served us well and will continue to remain very useful. However, we discuss ways in which White men can move to the next level.

White males need to take back the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD. We need to seize our entire civilisation back!

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Video & Audio: Nelson Mandelas support for Jews
We take a quick look at Nelson Mandela the most famous Black politician in the world, and the first Black President of South Africa. He has amazingly strong ties to the White Jews of South Africa. This is born out in his own words, and also in photos.

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