Jan is back from Canada! Successful Canadian trip – Comments from Paul Fromm


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[I was in Canada for a week. It was a very hectic trip, arranged by Paul Fromm. We were so busy, and it was so tiring that I tell you, some nights we got little sleep, and there were times in the days that Paul fell asleep, and I was on the verge of falling asleep in the middle of a meeting.

Paul was simply incredible. There were times, when meetings would be small, but Paul would never sit back. Even if people were quiet, sometimes Paul would liven up people’s spirits by making a funny remark in the middle of the meeting. Paul actually has a good sense of humour, which is not always apparent to someone as brain-dead as me. I watched what he did and learned from him too. I regard Paul as a living Canadian hero.

It was an excellent trip. It gave me a chance to meet whites in Canada face to face and to assess them. I gave my talk to small groups of “red pilled” whites.

I have only the highest regard for Paul and his small team and for Canadians like Monika Schaefer and Brian Ruhe. Paul Fromm is incredible. He’s the most banned Canadian around! He’s banned in the USA and banned in Britain. He can hardly get out of Canada … because so many doors are closed to that man!

One of the surprises was to meet French Canadians and to assess the French vs British Canadians. The French Canadians are a small percentage of the population, but I was immediately struck by their spirit and attitude. I will be discussing these people in the future.

For the record, the father of the current Premier of Canada, was a communist.

I’m concerned for the safety of Brian Ruhe. Brian does the impossible in liberal Vancouver. Vancouver is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen in my life. Cape Town, South Africa doesn’t hold a candle to it I’m afraid. Yes, Table Mountain is nice, but Vancouver is simply incredible in so many ways. Truly I was awestruck by it.

NB: For the record – Alfred Schaefer is doing incredible things while he’s in jail in Germany… you could say Alfred is on the Eastern Front … in the face of the impossible … doing what Germans do best … spitting in the faces of our enemies regardless of the odds!!!

During my trip in the USA I met Monika Schaefer and Brian Ruhe at the Fash Bash. (Paul is banned from the USA so he could not get there). I met Monika later in Edmonton for my talk, where she also played the violin and was as lively as ever!!!

The Edmonton meeting was very interesting though. There was a white man there who was very angry with me, asking me about the Jewish Rothschilds and saying that effectively the Jews had defeated the whites of SA. Later when we had coffee together, I spoke at length to this man and others. By the end of it, he was laughing and happy. We had some good, detailed discussions, and finally we connected as white men. We parted company with a pleasant respect for each other!

I also met men in Canada who are utterly urbanised and who have totally lost their ability to “defend” themselves … let’s call them the “Defenceless White Urban males”.  They have lived in such a nice society, that functioned so well, that they are unable to even begin to think about enemies amongst them and what to do, and how to handle “the enemy at the door step”. I spoke to them, ascertained their strengths and weaknesses, and I do believe that the “Defenceless White Urban male” (DWUM) can be turned around. I think a huge mass of such white men exist in the Western world. In some of the discussions with such white males, I came away firmly convinced that with a little bit of guidance, the DWUM can easily be fixed. These men are not stupid. They’re just totally conditioned to depend on others and they have no conception of how to handle the weird threats that now exist in their urban world and which are growing which can overwhelm them.

One of the people I met had even been in the Canadian Navy. He asked some me questions about South Africa and his views on what the USA is doing in South Africa were very sophisticated. I agreed with his analysis.

The Canadian Govt has strict gun laws in Canada which are very similar to what we have in South Africa. There are a lot of similar mechanisms. Even so, Canadians do own guns. They don’t own even a fraction of what the Americans own, but I would say they are in a better situation than the White South Africans, against whom the Govt has tried every trick in the book to disarm them. So I’d say the Canadians are slightly better off than the White South Africans, where guns are concerned.

To think that all Canadians are brain-dead, weak or pathetic, is wrong. There are, what I would call “small reasons for hope” in Canada. 

Here is part of a note that Paul wrote to me thanking me for what I did. Jan]

Dear Jan:

I want to thank you for your knowledge and organization of material and masterful presentation and also for the time you devoted to Canada in your whirlwind speaking tour.
You are one of the very best speakers we have sponsored since our Alternative Forums began in January, 1979.

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