Audio: Jan & Paul Fromm in Canada – 50 Years of Race War in southern Africa


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Jan Lamprecht and Paul Fromm recorded this in Vancouver, Canada on 11th May 2019. This is a discussion about the white race, and especially the experiences of the Portuguese in Africa, the South African and Rhodesians in the communist engineered race war known as “the Liberation wars of Africa” and much more.

We also discuss the only full attempt of genocide on whites in Southern Africa, in Angola in 1961.

We discuss the amazing Canadian genius, Gerald Bull, who designed artillery for South Africa, and was killed by the MOSSAD. He was a genius who wanted to launch satellites at a fraction of the cost using artillery.

We also talk about the need for white male unity globally.

2 thoughts on “Audio: Jan & Paul Fromm in Canada – 50 Years of Race War in southern Africa

  • 12th May 2019 at 12:34 am

    – Correction -They became the richest people in the world due to taking the transvaal. This fits in with their NWO -take South Africa, a big issue in the Boer war was the Keizer sending a war ship to delgoa bay threatening the Indian sea route – I dont think too many people realize the support Germany were giving the Boers.

  • 12th May 2019 at 12:15 am

    Jan I have heard you speak about the revolution in Portugal a few times – this is from William Blums book rogue state regarding Portugal. When I discuss Communism/Marxism, I dont discuss it in terms of Stalin, Mao or any other communist leaders.

    Communism is international Jewry banking – The bankers fund the communists to nationalize everything to hand it over to the state, the state is then controlled through the IMF or bailed out by banks – I have studied this quite extensively & communism was created courtesy of the Federal Reserve – The Federal reserve has bank rolled every communist country, first through revolutionary takeover, then by propping the country up with “Democracy – their favorite weapon” and 2 – creating a central bank in that country funded by the Central bank in the US.

    While Kissinger was working us in Angola, him + Brezinski were arming the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan & overthrowing the Portuguese government – The soviets never invaded Afghanistan to fight a war, they like us were baited in a war by the funding, arming of rebels/soldiers.

    I could go on and on about it – when one follows the money, the drug trade, Americas #1 Export – the Dollar & Democracy, it all goes back to the central banks – the on 3 people to oppose the central bank of the Fed when it was created all died on the titanic.

    Rothschilds created the early UN after financing the Boer war with the league of nations, Rotschilds sent £1,500,000 to assist in the Jammerson raid with the aid of Cecil John Rhodes. Alister sparks the anit Apartheid shit writer, he was bankrolled by the Rand Lords who were financed by Nathan Rothschild in the end and owned the Rand daily mail.

    They became the richest people in the world due to taking the transvaal. This fits in with their NWO -take South Africa, a big issue in the Boer war was the Keizer sending a war ship to delgoa bay threatening the Atlantic sea route – I dont think too many people realize the support Germany were giving the Boers.

    While they were fighting the Boers, the Russians began going into Afghanistan which is why Britain quickly carved up Northern India to create Pakistan as a buffer Zone. While the war raged on Germany was going off into Semoa, the French were quickly colonizing.

    The result were these world powers which could and did challenge the Brits, like all Jews ahead of the game, they had to quickly get rid of Germany – so they thought and the rest is history.

    Once all these nations fell, they all were bankrupt. They all became NATO partners, all joined the UN but most importantly all got a central bank – you will not find a UN member or NATO member not plugged into a central bank, namely the FED.

    With is neither a Federal nor a reserve.

    Every country that supported South Africa, maybe not openly got taken out – from Canada, Australia, Portugal – in the early years before the propaganda machine kicked in against Apartheid, many countries were in support of the country, due to being Allies in WW1+2 – that quickly changed when the CIA began over throwing and influening the governments.

    I am fully convinced the CIA funded, armed the so called “terrorists” we were fighting – the CIA released a report about 4 years back how they were supporting the ANC and how they & the British were spying over Rhodesia sending the enemy key positions of our soldiers.

    Communism is central banking – it has its own international police force to investigate the tampering of the dollar aka the FBI & if countries threaten the money supply, well they have a rogue state arm called the CIA – both work together to make sure the US continues to flourish while supporting Israel and the new world order.

    The central banks control both sides of the war, working both sides at the same time to bring about the change they want that will fit into their new world order Agenda.

    Portugal, 1974-76 A bloodless military coup in 1974 brought down the US-supported 48-year fascist regime that was the world’s only remaining colonial power.

    This was followed by a program centered on nationalization of major industries, workers’ control, a minimum wage, land reform and other progressive measures. Washington and multinational officials who were on the board of directors of the planet were concerned.

    Destabilization became the order of the day: covert actions; attacks in the US press; subverting trade unions; subsidizing opposition media; economic sabotage through international credit and commerce; heavy financing of selected candidates in elections; a US cut-off of Portugal from certain military and nuclear information commonly available to NATO members; NATO naval and air exercises off the Portuguese coast, with 19 NATO warships moored in Lisbon’s harbor, regarded by most Portuguese as an attempt to intimidate the provisional government.28 The Portuguese revolution was doomed. The CIA-financed candidates took and retained power for years.

    Portugal, 1974-5
    In the years following the coup in 1974 by military officers who talked like socialists, the
    CIA revved up its propaganda machine while tunneling many millions of dollars to
    support “moderate” candidates, in particular Mario Soares and his (so-called) Socialist
    Party. At the same time, the Agency enlisted social-democratic parties of Western Europe
    to provide further funds and support to Soares. It worked. The Socialist Party became the
    dominant power.17

    1973-80, Australia
    The Nugan Hand Bank of Sydney had close, if not to say intimate, ties to the CIA.
    Among the bank’s officers were a network of US generals, admirals and former (or
    “former”) CIA men, including William Colby, recently the Agency’s director, who was
    one of the bank’s lawyers.

    Bank Co-founder Michael Hand had been a Green Beret and
    CIA contract agent in Laos, working with Air America. Many of the depositors whose
    money first helped the bank get started were Air America employees.

    The bank rapidly expanded, with branches in Saudi Arabia, Europe, Southeast Asia,
    South America and the US. It became one of the banks of choice for international drug
    traffickers (whom Nugan Hand actively solicited), money launderers, arms dealers and
    the CIA (which used the bank for its payouts for covert operations).

    Henry Kissinger (who has successfully combined three careers: scholar, Nobel peace
    laureate, and war criminal), National Security Adviser under Nixon and Secretary of
    State under Nixon and Ford, for his Machiavellian, amoral, immoral roles in the US
    interventions into Angola, Chile, East Timor, Iraq, Vietnam and Cambodia, which
    brought unspeakable horror and misery to the peoples of those lands.

    Angola, 1975-1980s
    The United States, China and South Africa supported one side of the civil war, while the
    Soviet Union and Cuba supported the other side.

    It dragged on bloodily, horribly and
    pointlessly for decades, and simmers yet, perhaps half a million lives lost, widespread
    hunger and what is said to be the highest amputee rate in the world, caused by the
    innumerable land mines.

    In the early years Henry Kissinger personally prevented what
    might well have been a peaceful solution, but the man was wholly obsessed with
    countering Soviet moves anywhere on the planet—significant or trivial, real or imagined,
    fait accompli or anticipated. In the 1990s, Washington tried to rein in its client, Jonas
    Savimbi, head of UNITA, to keep him from prolonging the war, but it would have been
    immensely better for the people of Angola if the US had not intervened at all in Angolan
    politics beginning


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