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NS Viking does such good work, and I was astounded when during a chat to NS Viking I was told about Dr Christian Lindtner in Europe. He is an academic who can read the following non-European languages: Sanskrit, Ancient Greek, Persian, Pali (another ancient Indian language).

During decades of work, he discovered that Sanskrit texts can be found in the New Testament.

I had never before heard of this idea. In our pre-interview discussion, I asked him whether he knew WHEN these texts were written. It turned out to be just after 300BC. Alexander the Great, actually conquered into India at that time! He was thus able to give me ideas on what might have actually happened … and the story is astounding! Buddhists went to China to convert the people there … but they also may have done the same in the West!

We discuss actual examples of the New Testament found in Sanskrit.

He is much like my Boer NAZI pal here in SA who was a university lecturer in scientific method. In fact, we also discussed some observations of my Boer NAZI pal, and Dr Lindtner agrees with these observations.

Jesus’s crucifixion is fascinating. Dr Lindtner ended up confirming what my Boer NAZI pal had told me. Crucifixion did NOT happen the way Christians portray it – with the “Christian Cross”. (The Christian Cross might itself actually be a PAGAN CROSS from Europe!) My Boer NAZI pal told me that the Romans tied people to a pole and then broke their ribs – this was crucifixion. Dr Lindtner says the same. In fact, in the Christian Bible people should take a closer look at the various translations of: Acts 5:30 and Acts 10:39. In many translations they refer to Jesus being hanged from a tree. This is very different to what is said elsewhere in the Bible.

Dr Lindtner told me that in India, “a thorn of crowns”, was part of the methods of execution used in India in the past.

Dr Lindtner’s website is:

Another academic Michael Lockwood who wrote: “Buddhism’s Relation to Christianity”, has a high regard for Dr Lindtner’s work.

Another important book, written by the academic, Lockwood is this one: Buddhism’s Relation to Christianity. You can read about it here:

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