Alison Chabloz: Quote from Alex Linder: Whites are the canary in the coal mine, NOT JEWS!

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[Alison sent me an email with some nice comments about the #TeamWhite shows we are doing. She was particularly taken by what Alex Linder was saying when we were interviewing Monika Schaefer about the Jewish hell called Germany – which we dumb shits outside of Europe forced upon the Germans and Italians AT GUN POINT!

Alison wrote Alex’s quote down exactly. I agree. Alex hit the nail on the head. Its not the Jews who are the (ficticious) victims … its WHITES WHO ARE SMASHED BY THE JEWS WHEN WHITES SEE THE JEWS ARE BECOMING A PROBLEM!!!

Ps: The Canary in the coal mine is yet another example, of how whites used to solve problems in a simple and effective way. If the Canary dies, then the whites know there’s dangerous gas, GET THE HELL OUT! Thus the dead canary saves our lives. This also ties back to how we whites used animals as part of our technology. We used and benefited from animals, and I assure you, the blacks and Jews and others, don’t know animals the way we do. But after MASTERING ANIMALS, we went on to MASTER physics and technology! WE ROCK!!! Jan]

Alison wrote:
I’ve been catching up with your #TeamWhite shows. I loved this quote by Alex so much I had to transcribe it:

“It’s the critics of Jews who are the canary in the coalmine. It’s the critics of Jews who are always the first to be silenced – and that shows any thinking man where the actual power lies. The people who always get oppressed and who always get suppressed first are the critics of Jews. We [whites] are always the first to be silenced. First, the Jews came for the critics of the Jews, and then they spread out and came for the critics of items on their agenda and for people who are just thinking at all. Because thinking will lead to “anti-Semitism” – the natural reaction to understanding Jewish behaviour.”

~ Alex Linder, #TeamWhite November 24 2018.

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