Video & Audio: Germany’s EVIL Jewish Legal system: Secret paid infiltrators & Classified Secrets for 120 Years!


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Alex and I spoke to Monika Schaefer again. Many things came up. She mentions how the Government infiltrated 50 paid agents around a woman in the NSU (National Socialist Underground). This woman thought these people were her “best friends” – meanwhile, they were working for the Govt!!!

NB: See Monika’s note at the bottom where she makes some corrections.

The German Govt has classified the information on the NSU for a shocking 120 years!

The German legal system is utterly evil and anti-German, anti-white, anti-truth.

Monika told us about the kinds of people that one actually finds in the German jail system. Most are blacks and people from Eastern Europe who are in jail for drug-related crimes.

I gave my view, that the way things are going, the only way out that I see for us whites, is revolution, violence and war. Systems do not destroy themselves

An interesting part of the trial was that they had a technical expert who proved in great detail that it was Alfred Schaefer who uploaded Monika’s video to Youtube. This is the real reason that Alfred is going to jail. It shows the deep level of monitoring that is possible in Germany.

We mention the fabulous work by Ernst Zundel in the 1980s.

Some corrections from Monika Schaefer to my description above:

The prison population was comprised of blacks, Eastern Europeans AND people who were involved in drug-related offences. The latter were mostly Germans actually. In your description it sounds like it was the foreigners who were in there for drugs. That is not at all the case, in fact I think that was rare. The foreigners were the ones who were the more serious criminals, like for theft and fraud and who knows what else. A lot of the Germans were there for minor and major drug offences, as well as a few for more serious things.

As far as the real reason Alfred is in jail is NOT ONLY for producing my video, but also for producing a whole lot of other videos in which he stars.

5 thoughts on “Video & Audio: Germany’s EVIL Jewish Legal system: Secret paid infiltrators & Classified Secrets for 120 Years!

  • 13th December 2018 at 10:00 pm

    Most revolutions are instigated or co-opted by the Jew.
    A few flaws in folkish heritage are used to destroy it all.

    Better is the idea of “take back” and “whatever it takes.”

  • 11th December 2018 at 7:30 pm

    I am very very skeptical regarding the entire NSU affair (the case Monika mentioned, 50 informants etc.).
    It reeks of state fuckery of the highest level.

    The accused and her lawyers (and several of her co-defendants) had enough opportunity and factual knowledge to sink the prosecution’s case with no survivors, over the course of half a decade, but they didn’t.
    Worse: she wrote a confession that went along with the state’s narrative but included details that – according to the police investigation – were physically impossible, but nobody, not her attorneys, not her co-defendants, not the media, nobody gave a shit. It’s almost as if she wanted to go to jail forever.

    Imagine Göring sitting in Nuremberg, claiming “yes, we did everything you accuse us of, to the last one of them, but I’m not going to tell you how we did it. Now please hang me.”

    In short, it was a total farce, but everyone got what they wanted in the end. The state wanted a new myth, and she handed it to them.
    What actually happened – including the claimed 10 murders – is anyone’s guess, but the odds of her being a state asset are definitely there.

    • 24th December 2018 at 6:27 pm

      I can’t comment about this case because I don’t know much more. Thanks for your input. Its maybe an issue we can look at later if its needed.
      There’s a lot of anti-white and especially anti-German stuff going down.

  • 10th December 2018 at 3:05 am

    There must be endless secret detail of that sort, in the USA and Britain as well as Germany, of course. No wonder it’s kept secret. I hope some time there will be exposure, as a result of which the default view of Jews, if any are left, will be the opposite of the media presentation now – they will be regarded as vicious, dangerous, white-harming traitors, liars, scum.


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