Jews are screwing up the CIA with DIVERSITY! – My Advice to WHITE CIA Staff!

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[Look at this stupid CIA diversity survey! All kinds of human garbage who shouldn’t be in an intelligence organisation like this! Its ridiculous. When Jews screw things up… they are BIG AND BOLD and they come in from the top with their BIG BAD (sneaky Jewish) ideas!

These degenerates will be the huge problem that the Jews intend them to be! They will no longer have loyalty to the  USA. They will be the enemies within who work against normal white Americans in the future. (George Lincoln Rockwell basically predicted similar things for the US Military – a topic we’ll yet have to look at).

I had to laugh. The Jewish BS known as “Diversity”, which is really just a goal to sow division in a country while claiming there are lots of BIG GLOBAL BENEFITS for this nonsense… is affecting the CIA. The CIA has a 5 year Diversity program and its clearly NOT GOING WELL! So in Year 3, 2018, the CIA said they would need to “double down” on making this stupid thing work!

When I read the CIA rubbish, I sit here and laugh! This is the same BS that I saw in the South African Corporate (((Liberal))) world until I could puke!

This is typical Jewish crap in action. They say the process is: “Listen”, “Learn” and “Lead”.

Let me explain this complete rubbish to you.

o The “Listen” part is: Listen to the non-white idiots.
o “Learn” is when you “Learn” from these fools who tell you how whites have been WRONG!
o The “Lead” part is when you now try to implement all this nonsensical shit that you learned from these losers!

I must say, this is surely screwing up the CIA. They put a brave face on, but I assure you this will cost LOTS of $$$$ and it will result in all kinds of substandard work and new inefficiencies. In fact, the more you “succeed” the more you go backwards!

We’ve tried this kind of shit to DEATH in South Africa. It doesn’t work. In the end, the plan is to drive whites out and let the non-whites gain control of something that was originally mostly white and efficient.

The CIA has never really fought communism and has generally worked against the White Race, so I feel dog shit for it. I have some respect for military intelligence, spies and military stuff. So I don’t like to spit in the face of the CIA. But truly, they’ve done f*k-all for our race and civilisation… so I don’t care if they fall apart.

Here’s my advice to the Whites in the CIA:
Learn everything you can, then get the hell out of there one day and put your skills to use for our race. Save America, save the West, save the White Race. Do something honorable for once in your life. Don’t be a slave to the Jewish and Elite scum who don’t even appreciate your efforts. They’re all crap and should mostly be hung from trees and lampposts anyway.

Save your race. Save white civilisation. That’s the only thing that will matter in the end. Save something worth saving so that the West and Whites can reach new heights one day. Jan]

Here’s the summary of the CIA report for 2017. This is the type of garbage we in S.Africa have tried to death:


CIA will need to “double down” to advance implementation at this critical midpoint of our five-year effort. The focus for Year Three will be on initiating actionable events, training, and analysis to expand the pipeline to leadership opportunities. The framework “Listen, Learn, Lead” outlines the key components of our plan to reinforce our message, broaden the core understanding of the value of a diverse leadership at CIA, and further engage our senior leaders to set an example that demonstrates inclusive behaviors. Each component of the Year Three framework will address a different method to reach the workforce and reenergize the discussion about how we can start to build a stronger pipeline for advancement, continue to remove barriers, and develop prepared and successful candidates for future leadership roles.

LISTEN: Speaker series and networking events will focus on improving leadership skills to help overcome barriers for professional growth. DLS will work closely with DIO to bring in exciting speakers and schedule other events.

LEARN: DLS plans to develop products and resources that can be used within existing training and leadership programs. DLS will develop and launch a manager’s toolkit and website resources.

LEAD: The core initiatives that focus on assessing and expanding the pipeline to leadership will begin to deliver annual analysis and metrics. There will be a renewed focus on CIA senior leaders serving as visible and approachable mentors, sponsors, and champions of inclusion. The DLS goal in Year Three is to build upon the foundational framework established in the first two years by continuing to educate the CIA workforce about the value of diversity and inclusion, the contribution of diversity and inclusion to Agency mission, and to help minority officers to be better prepared and more competitive for senior leadership positions. Reducing, mitigating, and eliminating barriers to advancement; preparing our workforce to be ready for future leadership roles; and increasing the diversity pipeline remain critical components to our approach. We will continue to promote embracing a diverse set of ideas, viewpoints, and perspectives while demonstrating the core principles of inclusion, sponsorship, and a united purpose.


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