The Jew scum have been harrassing White Website owners – I found the disappearing Danes!


The above cartoon is a good depiction of what the Jew scum are doing to whites world wide. However, what they’re doing is more than just drowning us out. They’re using every dirty trick in the book including having whites thrown in jail.

I’ve found the Danish National Socialists whom I thought had disappeared. They contacted me. But I was right in being concerned because it turns out they had been changing their email addresses. I was told that the owner of O-D-I-N had the Jews on his case. The Jews were busy harrassing him.

The Christian, Scottie Spencer of was sent legal threats by the Jews and he’s shut his website down. So he’s had to back down because of the intensity of the Jewish attacks on him.

I think Scottie lives in the USA. But even so he’s been shut up.

The Jew scum are busy trying to silence whites everywhere…


One thought on “The Jew scum have been harrassing White Website owners – I found the disappearing Danes!

  • 8th December 2018 at 10:30 pm

    What I recommend: Getting a VPN and hosting your servers in countries where your privacy is protected by law.

    But that doesn’t help if they want to fuck you up.

    Lesson: If your dissident voice is getting too much attention you will get fucked by the system. (And that is not something new).

    Play with fire and you might get your fingers burned.

    If you want the jews dead, extremely limited and kicked out of everywhere then you can expect that they want the same for you.

    You gotta be ready to die.

    If you are not ready to die then you will fail.

    If you are not ready to die but you want to do something then do it smartly.


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