SCIENCE CENSORED: (((Liberals))) & SJW scum are driving White men out of Science careers!

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[NB: There is a petition link here. I’ve already signed it. PLEASE SUPPORT THESE SCIENTISTS!!

My blood boils when I see stuff like this. I had suspected something like this because I watch a lot of science news and I had noticed how white males, the core of our science were being replaced by women, Asians and even blacks! … eye roll!!!

I received this from a supporter in Spain. Its always great to hear from our European family!. I have been thinking about the most brilliant people in our race and how much we NEED THEM IN THE WHITE RIGHT! We need the cleverest men and women in our population to begin focusing their skills and knowledge on how to save our race from the Liberals and Elite communist scum. I do believe though, that by driving out the cleverest white males from science that this is really good for us. Let the SJW put their non-white, non-white-male scum into science … We white men … can still win. I’ve observed this Liberal nonsense in South Africa where they are driving whites out everywhere. In the end this is going to work for us. So don’t lose hope.

There is nothing the (((Liberals))) will leave alone… NOT EVEN SCIENCE!! 

What this serves to show you is that the (((Liberal))) scum are hard at work, SCREWING UP THE WHITE RACE’S SCIENCE! We’ll recreate it… and we will still defeat them! 14/88 Jan]

Dear colleagues,

You might be interested to join the following manifesto written by an organization (I have nothing to do with it) dedicated to investigate the cases of politically correct censorship in science. It says:

“Professor Alessandro Strumia, CERN, spoke on Friday 28th September 2018 at a workshop in Geneva on gender and high energy physics. In his presentation he provided evidence for employment policies in physics that were discriminatory toward men and data supporting his opinion that women were given advantages in the academic world purely on the basis of their gender. As a result, Professor Strumia was suspended with immediate effect by CERN on the grounds that his remarks were antithetical to its code of conduct and to its values.

There can be no free research and freedom of expression if any person must live in fear of existential threat simply for expressing his or her opinion.

Quite independently of the truth of Professor Strumia‘s statements, none of them can be construed as defamatory, insulting or discriminatory. The opinion he expresses has been expressed many times in multiple research papers and by many other men and women of professional standing.

We cannot and will not tolerate opinions being censored simply because they are in contradiction with mainstream opinion. To do so would be to encourage a totalitarian trend our democracy should not allow.

We, the undersigned, request and demand the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of Professor Alessandro Strumia.”

(sign at )

My comment:
Maybe the administrators of science nowadays do not understand that academic freedom is the most important value of our system as scientists and thinkers. CERN argues that mention in some slices of some of the names of a selection committee related to a case in dispute is against its Code of Conduct. This is simply solved just asking the author to remove the inappropriate slide rather than ban the entire seminar. Moreover, Codes of Conduct are worthless documents if they contravene the laws of a country, and it is not clear to me that revealing the names of members of a committee that uses public money be a crime under any constitution. Nepotism or unfair decisions cannot be prevented when arbitrary rules like this of some tailor-made Codes of Conduct prevail. Transparency should be the norm, and the discrimination against either women or men may be licitly denounced, even by mentioning names.

Best regards,


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