Alaskan Earthquake – I ask a friend who lives there, how things are for her


[With this recent big earthquake in Alaska, I decided to ask an old friend there how it affected her. This is her reply. I must say, Alaska is the perfect place for whites to go and get off the grid, live in a rural white community and be away from Jews and other garbage. Jan]

This was her reply:-

The community where I live got all the rock and rolling.  Electricity flitted on and off
three times and then stayed on.  I live in the Bush, about 225 residences up here
at 1180 feet in the foot hills.  We all have water wells and our heating fuel is
trucked in up here and most people have 300 gallon or 500 gallon tanks,
plus wood stoves as backup heat. Most people have one or two freezers and can survive for a long
time.  The closest food store is about 35-40 miles away, so we don’t go shopping
every two or three days like city folk do.  We check on our neighbors and see if
they need help.  As far as I know no one is hurt up here.  The houses are all
standing, some have messes in each room from stuff falling and breaking etc.
We are lucky we have electricity, water, heat and food.  Guns are locked and
loaded….just in case.
I am ok and so are my dogs.  I am still cleaning up some of the mess it made.
Thanks for asking.

2 thoughts on “Alaskan Earthquake – I ask a friend who lives there, how things are for her

  • 7th December 2018 at 9:18 am

    Whites shouldn’t run to remote areas.
    It’s expensive and very inconvenient.
    Not the real solution, except for a few.

  • 5th December 2018 at 4:53 am

    But what about all those Niggers in Anchorage. I was contacted way back when I was in the Klan that whites were being overrun and needed machine and how about all those Eskimo women running around screwing white men. There is no place to hide. But there’s everyplace to fight!! Until then, I say Baja humbug.


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