Suidlanders: Gustav Muller’s bank accounts in Mauritius…

Earlier this week Catherine Grenfell was contacting me about information that I published earlier this year which came from Americans and which related to Simon Roche’s past. You can read all about it here: Suidlanders: Simon Roche’s ex-Girlfriend Catherine contacted me with many complaints – My Reponse –

I went and looked at the article, because I suspected the information had come from 3 Americans who worked together to produce it. I had several interactions with Iceblock back then and knew that he did the main research for the article. Catherine’s complaints are about the info that came from Iceblock.

So I contacted Iceblock this week, saying that I will respond to Catherine and that I’ll send him the link so that he can see her complaints and can respond to them.

While chatting to Iceblock, he reminded me of things he had found earlier this year about Gustav Muller, but which I had not published because there was so much info focusing on Roche at the time.

One thing that struck Iceblock as interesting was that Gustav Muller and his wife had opened bank a/cs in Mauritius in 2005. We went over his info again. The info is that Gustav and his wife each opened a bank a/c in Mauritius on 20 October 2005. But the a/cs also seem to be linked to this company: Vulindlela Dagbreek Carriers.

The above seems to me to be the trucking company that Gustav had, just before he shut it down and started the Suidlanders.

Here is an article that I published relating to money issues then: Suidlanders: The Financial Problems of its leader Gustav Muller – Iceblock and Goy Rogers wrote their own report on Gustav’s money problems and they added quite a bit of information in: VERY IMPORTANT: Americans Investigate Gustav Muller & the Suidlanders: Part 2 –

In the article from 2010, it mentions that Gustav Muller eventually had a fleet of 9 trucks before he shut down the trucking company and started the Suidlanders. You’ll see that there is mention of Gustav owing people money from the time when he ran his trucking company.

I was once contacted by an Afrikaans woman who had direct dealings with Gustav when he ran that trucking company. She had many things to say about Gustav and her dealings with him when he was in the trucking business. She has a real dislike of him, to put it mildly. There were also non-trucking related stuff she told me, which I prefer to keep to myself.

Iceblock showed me the details of the 2 bank a/cs in Mauritius.

As you will see in the 2010 article, Gustav owed people money, which it seemed he never paid. But it does beg the question as to what, if anything, he had in his Mauritius bank a/c?

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